This utility scale rooftop system was a complex design with the unique incorporation of a central inverter and rooftop PV. There are five main roof areas, one of which towering above the rest at ~35m in height, and due to the nature of the business majority of the rooftops contained many obstacles that requried avoidance.

Sub-array cables were to reitcualte along multiple rooftops, down buildings walls and into a trench that would ultimately open up underneath the central inverter. Through a detailed analysis using in house tools and proprietary software, the sub-array cable sizes running from optimised combiner box locations on the roof to the central inverter were kept at a minimum.

10 MWh of batteries were also connected to the hybrid central inverter, with the engineering completed by the competent team at Mindaro. Four shipping container sizes batteries were strategically placed in a tight area adjacent to the central inverter that allowed for simplified trenching and no interruptions with existing underground services.

The connection of 4MW PV and 10MWh of BESS into a 4.95MVA central inverter was an enjoyable project for our team with plenty of learnings along the way. Our client was left with nothing but praise.

KFC (Rollout of <30 kW SME rooftop systems)