The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is upon us and EV charging stations will need to be installed at a rapid rate in order to meet the sudden influx of load as a result.

Mindaro spent the beginning of 2023 developing an EV product that allows customers and EPCs to engage our engineering team for EV charger optimisation based on existing electrical infrastructure and the customers needs.

Our service starts from as simple as engineering a solution for the installation of an EV charging station, and extends to the initial analysis of the type of site (apartment block, shopping centre etc.) and recommendations of type and number of chargers, the connection philosophy and any suggested upgrades to existing infrastructure that is summarised in a report for the end client.

EV chargers are not as simple as plug and play. There is detailed analysis involved based on the current and forecasted energy usage on site as well as the current supply details from the network, such as consumer mains cable size and the capacity of the transformer.

Our passion for sustainability has driven us to incorporate the EV charger package into our standard service offering. With the talented and dedicated team of engineers, Mindaro will ensure that your next project with EV charging stations will be seamless and provide the end client with the product they deserve.

Get in touch today to discuss further how Mindaro can take your charging station dream and help turn it into a reality.

System Optimisation