The site at Southgate Plaza had an existing rooftop PV array and wished to utilise this generated energy more efficiently with the installation of batteries. This project involved complex engineering from the team at Mindaro due to the requirement of a new distribution board that would intercept the main supply to the shopping centre.

Mindaro performed both protection coordination and shirt circuit studies to ensure that the new board would not interrupt the supply to the site, whilst also housing the supply for the new battery system.

Coordination with structural and civil engineers, as well as OEMs was required to ensure all of the desired equipment fit safely within the allowable footprint on site. This involved detailed trench reticulation and relied on Mindaro's thorough cable analysis in order to keep civil works to a minimum whilst doing the same with the cable sizes.

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Huntingwood (4.01 MW PV/10 MWh BESS/4.95 MVA Inverter)